About us

About Us

fifajersey.net first opened its retail store in early 2019 and launched fifajersey.net that same summer. Its vision focused on the development of soccer by creating a fun soccer environment for its customers, employees and anyone and everyone who loves the game of soccer. The store literally “bootstrapped” its way to success in the London. Every year since the launch in 2019 www.fifajersey.net has grown significantly in its reach throughout the United Kingdom to provide soccer gear at great prices and an awesome selection.

Don’t take our word for it… Read our customers’ testimonials to the wonderment of fifajersey.net.

Now fifajersey.net is quickly growing and has reached all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam and numerous APO addresses with over 300 styles of soccer shoes, the best soccer jerseys from clubs throughout the world all the soccer gear any player, fan, coach, ref or parent could ever need. Its customers range from the beginner who needs to get an inexpensive pair of shoes to US National Team players who happened to need some gear quickly and were referred to fifajersey.net! With each season that goes by the
range and depth of shoes, balls, shin guards and apparel has grown to make it easy for customers to find what they need quickly.


  1. Become the authority for soccer gear and training
  2. Define interaction with our customers as the key to success
  3. Strive to create the most unique soccer experience online
  4. Have fun and be a little quirky, just a little
  5. Empower employees to do what they’re naturally good at doing
  6. Leverage our position online and our customer relationships to give back to those in need.


FifaJersey is an approved member of the Better Business Bureau and conforms to the BBB Online Program Standards.


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